Meet Our Team

Deanna Sallach: Tattoo Artist

Deanna is a valued member of the Matrix team. She takes pride with every new tattoo project she does, from your consultation to the finished product, she strives to make it a comfortable, professional, and exciting experience for you. Deanna enjoys tattooing flowers, animals, and female portraits in the neotraditional style. Though she leans towards neotraditional as her own personal style, she likes to be well rounded as an artist, not limiting herself to one specific style. Whether you are looking for black and grey or colour, realism, traditional, or something in between she can work with you to bring your idea's to life and leave you with a beautiful tattoo that will last a lifetime.

Kate McGowan: Tattoo Artist

Kate is one of Matrix's renowned tattoo artists. Beginning her career in 2010 in realism and fine arts. She has quickly excelled and has further developed her tattooing skill set to include American traditional tattoos which are her favorite. Always open to trying out new techniques and exploring new variations of art she consistently impresses her clients with artwork to fall in love with. 

Kat Bransfield: Tattoo Artist

Kathleen began a profession in restorative art as an embalming technician.
She made the deceased look beautiful and peaceful. She is now a tattoo artist working out of  Matrix Tattoos and Piercings, making living bodies feel beautiful and alive. 

Tattoo Ink and set-up is Vegan and Cruelty-free!

Johnny: Tattoo Artist

Johnny is an exceptional artist who ensures that his clients are cared for at every step of the tattoo process. Be sure to ask him about his collection of miniature unicorns. 

Kali Quinn: Piercer & Microblading Technician

Originally from Grand Prairie, AB, Kali is a professional piercer with 5 years experience. She started in the industry at the age of 18 as her passion for the arts/modification industry started to fester at a young age. She spent over 5 years studying and doing her due diligence and is hopeful to be apart of and attend the next APP (Association of Professional Piercers) conference in 2019 as she practises APP standards and uses the highest grade adornments as directed by the APP and continues to learn current techniques and trends.   Kali loves preforming dainty ear projects also nipple and navel adornments are a personal favourite.She adores fine gold and gemmed heart stoppers, Maya, BVLA and Diablo Organics are the sparkle of her eye at moment.

Ann Buttineau: Laser Removal

Ann is the resident certified laser removal technician. Certified in 2009, Ann works in collaboration with both her clients and the tattoo artists at Matrix to find the perfect fit for the removal of body art. Whether its removal for the purposes of a cover up, partial removal or complete she consistently puts her clients first, and excels in finding the right fit for a speedy removal process.

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